Become a better & more consistent shooter
  • Shoot with more consistency: Shoot the ball more consistently, eradicate the hot & cold streaks 
  • Get greater range: Increase your shooting range by utillising kinetic flow so you don't have to try as hard to shoot further out
  • Shoot under pressure: Have more confidence to shoot under pressure and make the important shots
  • Get a more fluid & quicker release: Be able to get your shot off quicker, over pressure defence and still shoot a high percentage
Over the last year, I've been putting together what I want to be the ultimate online shooting program to give players all the tools they need to become a great shooter.

I’ve been helping coaches create better shooters, and helping players become better shooters for a long time now. It’s been my main area of focus over my long career in basketball.
But last year I decided I wanted to reach more than just the kids that can come to my camps, so I decided I was going to create an online program to beat all online programs.
With technology evolving these days I was set on the fact that I didn’t want it to just be a place where kids can watch me explain good shooting form – then go out and practice it all wrong and not get anything out of it.
So, I wanted to provide as much value as possible within an online program to ensure every athlete who undertakes the program and gives it a good crack has all the tools they need to become a better shooter.
This meant that I wanted the course to go beyond the fundamentals of good shooting technique, and include things like:
  • 1 on 1 individual video feedback: where you record yourself shooting and I critique your technique with audio and visual feedback on your video
  • ​Key Drills & Workouts: Drills and workout plans so athletes can make the most of their time in the stadium when shooting by themselves or with a friend
  • ​Benchmarks: Benchmarks that athletes should be aiming for in each drill, so you know where you stand compared to athletes at a state level and national level, as well as where you need to get to if you have goals of being at those levels.
  • ​Mindset: Information on the ever so important mental aspect of shooting a high percentage.
  • ​Accountability: A system to keep athletes accountable for their training and their results, and a support group to keep motivation high.
I feel like I’m developing something here that could have a significant impact on players abilities, and their career pathway. A great shooter will fit on any team. So, I’m pretty excited…
All Star Shooting Program Videos & Workouts 
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