January 2020:
Program now open!
Become a better & more consistent shooter
Over the last year, I've been putting together what I want to be the ultimate online shooting program to give players all the tools they need to become a great shooter.
Last time we ran our initial launch offer for the first 50 athletes, this time we're opening it up to another 50 athletes, first in best dressed.
To find out more about what the program includes, and to receive a sneak peek of the program sign up below.
Free Video & Course Overview!
Want a sneak peak inside the course? 

This program is based around my set, load and shoot philosophy, and if you sign up below I'll send you the first video inside the course, which explains this philosophy in further detail and the key elements within each phase.

I'll also send you another free video, explaining common issues I consistently see in different age groups during the set phase of the shot. 

This is only 2% of what's inside this course, so I'm happy to give this away free as a taste of what's inside. 
If you choose to buy the program, there are more videos for the other stages of the shot, good examples, information on key elements to a consistent shot beyond technique, workouts, and most importantly 2 rounds of personal video feedback from myself on your shot and improvements you can make.

Not only addressing shooting technique but also mindset and motivation, how to make the most of your workouts, benchmarks to aim for on different drills, and friendly competition in the group.

My goal is to have this be so much more than just videos on how to shoot, that players watch once then forget. We're building a community of great shooters, and providing you with everything you need to succeed.
Sign up below to receive the course overview and a free video with the most common mistakes.
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